The Marketing Direct Group understand the technical business to business (B2B) and direct to consumer (DTC) markets. These two very unique markets must be understood by the marketing and communication company you choose to work with.

Based in Toronto, the Marketing Direct Group was established by two marketing professionals who are hell bent on driving sales results for you. Combined, we have a tonne of experience in the marketing, communication and sales world. We know and understand your marketing challenges and the nuances because our team has worked in both markets for a very long time! 

We have marketed products and services to a variety of audiences from very technical and might I add, very serious engineers to the full range of wine consumers. So you can say that we may be a wee bit responsible for increased wine appreciation, collection and consumption, all in a good way!

It's all about you!

Enough about us. It's all about how we an help you. Well, for starters, we have no no preset rules or policies that will get in the way of making things happen for you. You tell us what your end goal is and we figure out how to get it done. You get to focus on your business and we focus on all aspects of the marketing.  

We can step in and work with your team however large or small, in any capacity, from strategic plan development to project management to coordinating. We have developed plans, managed teams, create, coordinated and implemented campaigns, large and small, with every imaginable tactic under the sun. We are all about getting the job done so that you have one less thing to worry about.