Marketing Direct Group knows and understands the technical business-to-business market. The B2B sales cycle is usually more complex because your products, services, and most importantly, your customers can be more complex. Your customers' buying process usually involves multiple decision makers, each coming to the table with different and important expectations. That means you have to deliver the message that resonates with each decision maker. And that is no small task!

Whether you are a design or engineering firm, a manufacturer selling components or end products to the business market, a test lab, or anything in between, we can help you market your products and services within Canada, throughout North America and around the globe.

The Marketing Direct Group's professional marketing services are backed by knowledge, experience and in-depth understanding of the B2B sales process in the technical B2B market. Whether you need strategic plans, tactical plans, content development, creative development and project management, B2B is the only market we serve

We know a one-size-fits-all marketing solution does not work. We can build on and leverage your existing marketing program, or we can provide you with fresh ideas... in the end, it has to work for you. That is why we developed the MDG B2B Service Packages designed for your specific situation and backed by the MDG B2B Process. We also recognize you may need a more customized service package, so tell us exactly what you want and we will deliver the services that work for you.

Whether you have a team of 1, or a team of many, we align with your structure and work in the manner that suits you best. It always has to work for you.

Enough about us. It's all about how we can help you with your marketing program.

You expect... To work with a strategic marketing agency that understands your complex target market and delivers the marketing program that is right for you 

You expect... An agency that is not only experienced and reliable, but also quickly steps in and provides you full-service solutions with minimal onboarding time

You expect... An agency well versed with the complex sales process involving multiple decision makers and understands your industry and the marketing opportunities  

You expect... An agency that can develop marketing strategies and plans, manage projects, provide content and creative development for your website, social media, advertising, email campaigns, trade shows, to name a few - our Complete List says it all

You expect… Consistent, seamless ongoing implementation backed by a smooth process

You expect… Complete alignment, agility and the ability to quickly pivot to meet the ongoing changes in your market 

And you have to meet yesterday’s deadlines!

This is where we step in. Marketing Direct Group will provide you with customized, effective marketing solutions, reinforced by our proven and consistent MDG B2B Process. Marketing Direct Group onboards quickly, delivers strategic, agile and accelerated services, enabling you to focus and grow your business within North America and around the globe.